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Term 2 Class News 

Written by Kelburn Digital Leaders.

Early Years Class

Social Studies:

The Nursery have been looking at winter. They’ve made snow paint, to create snow paint they used white paint and put shimmery glitter. Also they have made lots of Play Dough.

Science Studies:

In Science the Nursery have been doing experiments and seeing how bread was made. They then eventually they made some bread.

Health and Wellbeing:

For Health and Wellbeing the afternoon Nursery have going outside to try and keep fit and also to have some fun during the day.

While they’re at Nursery they have been trying to taste all sorts of different fruits and vegetables.

Also for their snack they get to pick the fruit that they would want to eat that day.

Religious and Moral Education:

The Nursery have been focusing on the Christmas story to learn what the true meaning of Christmas really is.

P.E. Focus and Gym days:

The Nursery leaders have a table of what they do for P.E. on Specific days so every weekday they have different assorted games.


For ICT the children enjoy playing maths and literacy games on the iPads. On the iPads they have been learning to take photos of their art around the Nursery room.


In Numeracy they have been recognising numbers and learning about the properties of shapes.


For Literacy the Nursery have been practising writing their names, writing winter words and also writing their own Christmas stories about winter weather.


For music the Nursery have been learning lot us of new Christmas songs with the pianist they have come in once a week.


Mrs Lamont Primary 1a


Primary 1 have been studying old and new transport.

They are also completing transport surveys of vehicles around the school and they are creating a transport dictionary.


Making rockets using “puff power” and Soap boats powered by soap!

And they loved doing STEM week.


Mrs Lamont and her class have been looking at taking care of your teeth.


For this they have been doing the Nativity practicing the story.


Primary one have been learning ball skills.

Gym days are Monday and Wednesday.


In ICT they have been taking pictures of transport and also drawing them using Show Me.

On the iPads they have been animating vehicles moving.


Learning to write numbers and adding sums.


Sounds and trying to build up words they are learning new tricky words and remembering spaces when practicing their sentences.


Nativity practice


Primary 1 visited the library to collect book bags.


P2/1 Mrs Skinner

Social Studies

P2/1’s topic is dinosaurs and they have been making animations and Show Me presentations on the computers.


In science P2/1’s topic is sound. They have been making their own microphones and been looking at vibrations and they have been listening for them.

Health & Wellbeing

In Health and Wellbeing P2/1 have been exploring how to look after their teeth correctly.

Religious & Moral Education

In R.M.E P2/1 have been practising and performing the nativity to P4 – 7’s and parents. They have also been learning about the nativity in class.

P.E Focus

In PE they have been doing gymnastics, balancing and jumping,


In ICT P2/1 have been using Show Me, Scratch Jr and Lego Movie Maker.


In numeracy P2’s have been adding up to 16 and P1 have been adding to 10+. P1’s have also been measuring to 30+.


In Literacy P2/1’s have been learning some French.


In music they have been doing songs for the nativity and have also been singing Halloween songs.


P1’s have been visiting the library and the whole class had a visit from Abby Kane.


Miss Mackenzie – p2/3


Social  Studies:

P2/3 have been learning all about Ancient Greece and they have been making vases.


Mrs Mackenzie’s class have been talking about Lighthouses, circuits, sound and they have been doing various activities on the topics.

Health and Wellbeing:

P2/3 have been talking all about bullying and friendship.  They have been learning about being honest.


P2/3 have been looking at  Greek Gods in RME.


P2/3 have been practising throwing skills and skills in gymnastics too. They habe enjoyed have doing social dancing.


P2/3 have been using Glow, Sumdog, Show Me and Word Online with Miss Holland.


P2/3 have been learning all about chimney sums, times tables, number bonds and doubling.


P2/3 have been learning about using adjectives and nouns.


P2/3 have been singing song for the nativity.

Mrs Donaldson – Primary 3

Social Studies: In Social Studies Mrs Donaldson’s class have been working on Space NASA.


In Science we have been using Tigtag NASA.


During Numeracy time we have been working on adding and subtracting up to 100. We have also been working on dividing.


P3 in Literacy have been writing Fairy-tales, descriptive writing and also working on their Fairy-tale openings.


In music P3 have been singing songs for our Nativity.


Mrs Roshlau / Mr O’Neill – P3/4

Social Studies

In P3/4 they have been learning about Space. They have been doing interactive posters persuading people to go to different planets and have also been making rockets powered by balloons.

They have also been exploring Vikings and went on a school trip to the Viking village in Largs. They have been dressing up in costumes with helmets and swords.

They have also been learning about autumn, winter and have explored Guy Fox.


During STEM week they have been designing, drawing and making guitars by using shoe boxes and elastic bands. They have also been recording and measuring their heart rate after P.E.

Health & Wellbeing

In H&W they have been making their own healthy lunchboxes and have been seen what effects exercise has on their bodies.


In RME they have been looking at Christmas symbols and the nativity story.

P.E Focus:

In P.E P3/4 have been learning ball skills, playing rugby, gymnastics and netball. They have also been doing social dancing.


P3/4 have been logging on to glow and have been making( on word) solar system facts. They have also been using Sumdog, Education City, Scratch and doing presentations on Show Me.


In maths P3/4 have been learning multiplying, diving, addition and subtraction. They have also been doing problem solving in time.


In literacy they have been practising VCOP and reading poems.


In music P3/4 have been singing Christmas Songs and Carols. They have also been using instruments to represent animals.


Primary 4/3 have visited the Viking Villange.



Mrs Muir Primary 5


Primary 5 have been learning about the Scottish Parliament. They have been learning about MSP and the different Political Parties.


In Science this term they are looking at Light and sound. Primary 5 have been experimenting on the pupils (the eye not the children) expanding and shrinking. They have been learning about refractions, opaque, transparent and Translucent.



They have been looking at and discovering Christmas symbols.


Their gym days are on Tuesday and Friday and their focus is social dancing.


Primary 5 have created Sways all about the Scottish parliament. They have been coding and animating with Scratch Jr.


In Numeracy they have been looking at doubling numbers, subtracting in thousands hundreds tens and units, Times Tables, odd and even numbers, place value, multiples, addition and finally mental strategies.


During literacy they are looking at punctuation and a variety of grammar tasks.


In music they have been rapping and beatboxing. Mr Walsingham has been teaching them recorder.


Primary 5 visited the Transport Museum and Tall Ship.

Primary 6  – Mrs McEwan


Sound and Light: Experiments using torches and testing materials.

STEM Week was lots of fun!

Wind Turbines is their 2nd topic


They have been learning lots about Hinduism and Christianity.


In P.E they have been looking at Rugby, Hockey and Gymnastics.


In I.C.T they have been doing:

Presentations, Scratch Jr, Sumdog, Glow, Word Online and Glow Mail.


In maths Primary 6 have been learning about Perimeter, Dividing, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplying, Fractions and Coordinates.


In Literacy they have been doing lots of Sentence starters, Spelling Card and Handwriting. They are working in Literacy Circles.


In Music they have been doing lots of fun Raps and Percussions.


They have been on trips to a Windfarm and to Amazonia.


P7A – Miss Dickie

This term has been a lot fun! We had STEM Week, we built our own town, and, you’ll find out the rest soon!

Our main topic has been natural disasters. One of our favourite parts of it was (as told about in the first paragraph) making a town. It was based in the Philippines, a country which is often hit by natural disasters. This makes the country lose money often. Anyway, we were given ₽100,000 (not real!) to build a town. We all went in teams of 4. Everything was very expensive. After a lot of building, we made our towns. We left the room after a job well done. Around 45 minutes later we came to find a ‘natural’ disaster happened. This was to show how natural disasters happen so often and how they affect people.

Most of the science we did was in STEM Week. We made a football table out a shoe box, scrap material and some wooden sticks, a robotic arm out of Knex, and probably the biggest, the tetrahedron challenge. We only had had wood sticks and rubber bands to make a tetrahedron. After we made enough, every group combined 4 of their tetrahedrons together to make a bigger one. We did that one more time, then we had 4 very large tetrahedrons. This was the hardest part. We had to strap them together but to get one on top wouldn’t be that easy. We decided we were going to have 2 groups with two leaders. One group lifted, the other strapped them together. After all that hard work, we built a very large tetrahedron.

For Health and Wellbeing we did a lot about alcohol and drugs. We’ve also being learning about making the right choices.

RME this term was Hindu weddings. We learnt about their traditions, and when they would usually get married.

PE has been Rugby, Jumpstart, and at the end of the term, we have been doing social dancing. This is the first time we have done jumpstart in school, and it was a really fun time!

In ICT, we have been doing a Sway on a natural disaster. If you don’t know what a Sway is, it is like a PowerPoint, but instead of slides, everything is joined together and you can scroll it up, down, left, and right.

This terms Numeracy has been decimal and negative numbers. There was also Money Week. In Money Week we learnt about debt and about credit cards.

We have also been doing music. A song we learnt is called World Unite. We had lots of different parts to do. We used glockenspiels, played the World Cup Passing Game, which is when we pass beanbags to the beat of the song, and made our own 4 beat patterns.

Some other exciting things included when some of P7a and P7b went down to the Largs Printing Co to print out some 2017 calendars. We had company called Get Cycling in and we tried a large selection of bikes including tandem bikes and tricycles.


P7b – Mr Lambert

* Social studies:

Mr Lambert’s class have been learning all about natural disasters .They’ve talked about how the disasters occur and how much destruction volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis make.

* Science topic:

We were all learning about robots and how they could help in natural disasters. During STEM week there were two main activities we all were doing and one of them was making a robot arm out of ken’ex to pick up a plastic cup our team was successful. The other was to make a football table out of a shoe box.

* Health and wellbeing:

P7b are learning about alcohol and cigarettes. They have had a programme called Jumpstart to tell us about healthy lifestyles.

* Religious and moral education:

We’ve been learning all about Hindu weddings and what they do to celebrate.

* P.E

Mr Lambert and Mrs McDonald have been teaching P7b a mix of things in P.E. like skills in gymnastics, hockey, and rugby. We have also started social dancing.

* I.C.T.

This topic is some people’s favourite and we have been learning presentations, Sumdog, and Sway on Glow.

* Numeracy:

We have all been learning about decimals. We have been multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting.

* Literacy:

After finishing Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpurgo we have now started reading The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

* Music:

In music we have been learning all about beats, latitude moves and glockenspiels.



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